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I'm Danielle, but you can call me Dani. 

I'm a conceptual thinking goofball who is inspired and dedicated to photographing and documenting real, raw and authentic moments. To say that I love what I do is an understatement, to me being a creative isn’t a job it’s a lifestyle. I currently reside in the south suburbs of Chicago with my husband Corey and our dog Wrigley. I love being able to meet new people and showcase everyone’s personal narrative. Some other things that I love: NPR, coffee, design, coconut milk, The Devil Wears Prada, a solid IPA-especially if it’s a double, musicals, hiking, cooking, Instagram, marketing and advertising, church, Parks & Rec and the Chicago Cubs. Feel free to bond with me over any of the aforementioned items. I’m sure we’ll get along.



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The Process is Simple

I want to not only capture your moment, but showcase it, by making it into a work of art. 

Which includes:
Genuinely listening to your story.
Conceptually think through how to best showcase & document your narrative.
Create timeless moments in an artistic and stylized way.

What I Offer

From start to finish I seek to give you the most genuine and enjoyable experience possible.

When working with me you're guaranteed a quick turn around time with photos to last you a lifetime.

Get a Quote

If you've made it to this part of my website, it means that you've in one way or another connected with my work - and that alone means the world! Whether you're wanting to book a session, work on a project together, ask about pricing, or get to know me a little better, I'm excited to know your name & hear your story!

Talk to you soon!

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